Meet Dr. Ostroswki: A Trailblazer as the First California Dairy Research Foundation Fellow

sostrowski098(2)Davis, CA – The California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) website features a profile of Dr. Stephanie Ostrowski, Associate Professor of Public Health at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

While working at the California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory (CAHFSL), Dr. Stephanie Ostrowski became the first fellow of the California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF). Supported by California dairy farmers’ check off dollars, her project, “Contingency planning for rapid testing of Bulk Tank Milk Samples (BTMS) during an animal health or food safety emergency in California” contributed towards improving milk safety and reducing the risk of disease outbreaks, an objective that both CDRF and the California Department of Food and Agriculture share. “It’s not a case of this project only helping CDRF, rather, both of these organizations care very much about keeping milk safe for all consumers and protecting both people and animals from disease”, said the Executive Director of CDRF, Dr. Gonca Pasin.

CDRF’s fellowships were designed particularly to support projects in the area of dairy food safety as part of the CDRF’s strategic objective of risk management. Dr. Pasin stated that CDRF searches for diligent and dedicated fellows such as Dr. Ostrowski and invests in projects of such impact.

To read more about Dr. Ostrowski’s work, see this month’s CDRF’s “Checkoff Dollars in Action.” The monthly column highlights CDRF supported research efforts, programs, and the innovative individuals behind them at:

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