Welcome Message

A message from the Executive Director
New Logo, New Website, New Office, New Beginnings…

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I welcome you to our redesigned website.
Through this site you will find our vision, mission, descriptions of our pre-competitive research and science-based educational projects, how we plan to generate value for our industry, and other activities.

After assuming the role of Executive Director in February 2012, following 21 years of the evolving and successful leadership of Dr. Joseph O’Donnell, I feel privileged to lead the CDRF in a new direction devoted to addressing the increasing scrutiny and challenges our industry faces at every level, both at home and abroad.

The Foundation has had many successful and unique programs, such as the world-class producers’ education program “California Dairy Quality Assurance,”’ the collaborative pre-competitive interactive “International Milk Genomics Consortium” and various “Industry Outreach” programs, including short courses and symposia  that provide short- and long-term technical training and information technology transfer to all relevant parties. We will continue to invest in these programs with fresh outlook and focus. Our programs will evolve with changing times. We will be proactive in our approaches and always be accountable to our hard-working dairymen.

Recently the Foundation went through a restructuring. This included implementation of the best research management practices with the purpose of providing timely solutions and increasing efficiency and effectiveness in supporting the California dairy industry. I believe we streamlined our management and operations, strengthened our leadership, improved our services and enhanced our communications with all our stakeholders.

We launched our new logo and website and moved to a new environmentally friendly office, which was built with sustainable materials. The new logo is designed to highlight our bright future, whereas the website shows our commitment to streamlining and technology. Our office building demonstrates our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We have prepared our four-year strategic plan, Our Programs and Your Breakthroughs 2017, to guide us through the next investment stage to help meet the needs of the California and U.S. dairy industry. This plan and our management team have the Foundation poised to make significant contributions to the welfare of our producers, processors and communities at large.

Finally, a special thank you to the Board of Directors and my staff for their unwavering support in preparation for the new administration and beginnings.


Gonca Pasin, R.D., Ph.D.