Air Quality Classes I & II Reference Binder


Rule 4550

TAB 1. Farm A Syst Worksheet #20

TAB 2. Conservation Management Practices

a. CMP Handbook
b. List of CMPs
c. FAQs and Information about CMPs

TAB 3CMP Application Forms

TAB 4. Supplemental Applications

a. Modifications to the CMPP
b. Transfer of Owner/Operator for CMPP

Rule 4570 

TAB 5. Farm A Syst Worksheet #21

TAB 6. Mitigation Measure Plan

a. Application Decision Flow Chart
b. List of Mitigation Measures

TAB 7. Rule 4570 Application Forms

TAB 8. Permit to Operate/Authority to Construct

a. When do I need an ATC?
b. Emissions Calculations Sheets for IC Engines & Gasoline Tanks

TAB 9. PTO/ATC Application FormsSupplemental

TAB 10. Supplemental Application Forms

a. Spark-Ignited IC Engines
b. Compression-Ignited IC Engines

TAB 11. Other Information Items

a. Resources
b. Other Air Quality Rules That May Apply to Your Facility
c. Air Pollution Glossary of Terms