Current Projects

The California Dairy Research Foundation supports a variety of research and science-based educational pre-competitive programs on behalf of California dairy producers to increase demand for California- and U.S.-produced milk and dairy products based on their benefits throughout the entire value chain.

International Milk Genomics Consortium (IMGC) 
The Consortium provides a collaborative, interactive and pre-competitive platform for the scientific community and industry to accelerate the understanding of the biological processes underlying mammalian milk genomics and facilitate the transition of that knowledge into usable commercial benefits for industry. Read more

Translating the Science of Milk Genomics 
The program produces an engaging and educational synthesis of the milk science literature for a broader audience through the monthly e-newsletter SPLASH! milk science update, as well as to sponsor-specific quarterly reports to highlight the very best articles in various interest areas, and to translate the content of these articles for the non-expert. This program bridges the gap between researchers and industry and encourages the translation of science findings from bench to product. Read more

Dairy Cares Sustainability Communications Project and
California Dairy Quality Assurance Program Support

The program maintains and increases awareness of dairy sustainability initiatives among opinion leaders and early adopters. This is  accomplished through opinion leader outreach, online delivery of sustainability communications, and support of CDRF and  California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP). Read more

California Dairy Quality Assurance Program:
Environmental, Animal Care and FMD Outreach

CDQAP provides timely, accurate and science-based educational tools and information on environmental stewardship, FMD disease and animal care to dairy operators. In addition, the program offers 3rd Party Certification programs in Environmental Stewardship. Read more

Cal Poly Industry Outreach Programs 
The program offers short courses and symposia in order to transfer existing knowledge and practical skills to the dairy industry, as well as to encourage the adoption of new technologies, and direct industry technical assistance. Read more