CDQAP Ruminations: Food Defense for Dairy Processors – Efficient, low-cost compliance with new FDA rules

Food Defense for Dairy Processors: Efficient, low-cost compliance with new FDA rules. Starting in July 2019 the FDA is requiring food processors to develop plans and training to help prevent intentional adulteration of food. Below are some free on-line tools … Continue reading

First-ever California Dairy Sustainability Summit Builds Momentum for Continued Collaboration

The California Dairy Sustainability Summit took place November 27 -28 in Sacramento and was a first-of-its kind success for the state’s dairy industry, building momentum to further improve environmental and economic sustainability. With more than 660 registered attendees, including 201 … Continue reading

Innovative Research to be Discussed at Inaugural California Dairy Sustainability Summit

Innovative research to be discussed at inaugural California Dairy Sustainability Summit California dairy farmers have a long history of working with researchers to advance their farming practices. Farmers support cutting-edge research to provide a solid scientific basis for management practices … Continue reading

What’s in a name? The changing Lactobacillus nomenclature

One thing scientists can agree on is that the Lactobacillus genus is too heterogeneous. It does not conform to taxonomic conventions. The genome sizes of included species range from 1.23Mb (L. sanfranciscensis) to 4.91 Mb (L. parakefiri). The G+C content … Continue reading