SPLASH! January 2020

January-2020-SPLASH PDF SPLASH!® milk science update: January 2020 Issue This month’s issue features drought and dairy, cow milk allergy, and breastfeeding and triple-negative breast cancer.   Share this Page

CDQAP Ruminations: Preventing and Controlling Hay Fires on Dairies

Highlights: What you need to know about preventing hay fires on California dairies… Every year California producers experience significant losses due to hay fires, most often caused by spontaneous combustion during the first six weeks following baling. Hay older than … Continue reading

Probiotic fermented milk improves immune function in marathon runners

Researchers have long recognized the immunomodulatory activity of certain probiotic strains (see review). A fermented milk that could improve immune parameters and reduce post-event symptoms would be a desirable dietary choice for endurance athletes. In a recent human trial, Brazilian … Continue reading