CA Dairy Farms Reach Major Milestone in Climate Goal

CA dairy farms reach major milestone in climate goal Methane reduction efforts on track for positive impacts on climate and more The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) reported this month that California’s dairy farms will soon be more … Continue reading

Dairy Industry Voices Grave Concerns About SLCP Plan to State Air Board

After a staff presentation on the State’s proposed Short-Lived Climate Pollution Reduction Strategy (SLCP) on May 19th, members of the California Air Resources Board (ARB) heard from numerous dairy and other representatives who were highly critical of the unrealistic dairy … Continue reading

Five New Central Valley Dairy Digesters to Capture Methane, Generate Renewable Energy

Five new Central Valley dairy digesters to capture methane, generate renewable energy Five California dairies have been awarded grants to build biogas digesters – projects that will convert gases formerly contributing to global warming into renewable, green energy, enough to … Continue reading