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California Dairy Research Foundation

Dairy research is essential to the continued innovation of California’s thriving dairy industry.

For more than 30 years, CDRF has supported the California dairy industry through relevant and emergent research, producer education and outreach. CDRF is primarily funded by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), which receives check-off dollars from California dairy producers.

CDRF collaborates and partners with other dairy industry organizations to best support the California dairy industry. CDRF seeks project co-funding wherever applicable to maximize funding and research investment opportunities.

CA Dairy Farmer-to-Farmer AMMP Project Awareness Outreach

PROJECT LEADS: Dr. Mark Cooper, UC Davis, and Dr. Deanne Meyer, UC Davis, UC ANR, and Denise Mullinax, CDRF, CDQAP, 2020 KEY TAKE-A-WAYS • Project produced multiple Alternative Manure Management Program (AMMP) farmer-to-farmer learning opportunities: three webinars,...

Validating Nitrogen Fixing Ability of Microorganisms in Manure

RESEARCHER: Dr. Elizabeth Maga, UC Davis, 2020 KEY TAKE-A-WAYS • Understanding the nitrogen-fixing capacity of microbes in manure can lead to the development of strategies that either enhance or reduce bacteria related to the nitrogen cycle. This will allow dairy...

Characterization of California Dairy Manure

RESEARCHERS: Nick Clark, UC ANR, and Dr. Deanne Meyer, UC Davis, UC ANR, 2020 KEY TAKE-A-WAYS • Manure samples from 20 Central Valley dairies using various methods of manure handling and treatment technologies were analyzed for mineral content, total solids, volatile...

Growing Safflower for Silage on California Dairy Farms

RESEARCHER: Dr. Stephen Kaffka, UC Davis, 2021 KEY TAKE-A-WAYS • Safflower crops planted in winter in the San Joaquin Valley were efficient with respect to water use, comparable in feed quality to cereal silages made from small grains like wheat and were able to...

Feed Industry Fellowship with a Focus on Dairy Feeding Systems

PROJECT LEAD: Dr. Heidi Rossow, VMTRC, UC Davis, 2020 KEY TAKE-A-WAYS • Dairy feed fellowships provide graduate students in animal nutrition with practical knowledge and experience about feeding systems and nutrient management in a large dairy herd environment.  • The...
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Nutrition & Health, Product Innovation

Promote the health and nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products.

Dairy Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Ensure dairy products are safe and maintain quality throughout the value chain.

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Environmental Management, Educations, and Industry Outreach

Promote and protect California dairy industry values and integrity.

The California Milk Advisory Board is the major sponsor of the California Dairy Research Foundation