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California Dairy Research Foundation

Dairy research is essential to the continued innovation of California’s thriving dairy industry.

For more than 30 years, CDRF has supported the California dairy industry through relevant and emergent research, producer education and outreach. CDRF is primarily funded by the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB), which receives check-off dollars from California dairy producers.

CDRF collaborates and partners with other dairy industry organizations to best support the California dairy industry. CDRF seeks project co-funding wherever applicable to maximize funding and research investment opportunities.

California’s Water-Smart Dairy Farmers Double Down on Resiliency

By Dairy Cares, March 2023 Dairy farmers are addressing water challenges to protect the well-being of their communities. Water scarcity is one of the greatest challenges facing California. State leaders and stakeholders are taking important actions to improve water...

Dairy Consumption in Youth Linked with Better Mental Health

 Written by: Alice Callahan, PhD | SPLASH! Issue # 113 | 2023 Previous research has found that a healthy diet is associated with better mental health, but findings on the role of dairy products have been mixed. A cross-sectional study of school children in Beijing,...

Facts, Not Fads: Dairy Fat Can Be Heart Healthy

Written by: Lauren Milligan Newmark, Ph.D. | SPLASH! Issue # 113 | 2023 A prospective study of over 2,000 adults found that higher intakes of dairy-derived saturated fat were associated with lower levels of biomarkers for cardiovascular risk, especially among males....

Milk-linked Microbe Mitigates Effect of Antibiotics on Asthma Risk

Written by: Jyoti Madhusoodanan | SPLASH! Issue # 113 | 2023 Infants who receive antibiotics are at three times higher risk of developing asthma by age five. Breastfed infants who received antibiotics were three times less at risk of developing asthma by age five than...

Dairy Research Bulletin: Selected Articles from February 2023

Dairy Research Bulletin: Selected Articles from February 2023 Environmental Management and Sustainability Co-substrate composition is critical for enrichment of functional key species and for process efficiency during biogas production from cattle manure. Eliasson KA,...
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Nutrition & Health, Product Innovation

Promote the health and nutritional benefits of milk and dairy products.

Dairy Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Ensure dairy products are safe and maintain quality throughout the value chain.

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Environmental Management, Educations, and Industry Outreach

Promote and protect California dairy industry values and integrity.

The California Milk Advisory Board is the major sponsor of the California Dairy Research Foundation