Stress, Depression & Suicide Prevention Resources for Dairy Farmers


Dairy farmers in California and across the country continue to face major operational challenges. Most noteworthy is the economic pressure being brought by the recession and record-high feed costs. For some producers additional regulations and a shrinking market also weigh heavily. While we may well feel inadequate when faced with a friend’s or relative’s desperation, frequently the most important thing to do is simply to get the communication ball rolling.

In order to support family dairy farms during these difficult times CDQAP, the Kings County Agricultural Commissioner’s office and Colorado State University partnered with dairy industry organizations to offer a webinar on farmer stress, anger, depression and suicide prevention for professionals allied with the dairy industry.

Presenter Dr. Robert Fetsch is an educator from Colorado State who is nationally recognized for research and outreach in mental health issues for farmers and has a family dairy background.

Below are links to materials which were used in webinars addressing stress, anger, depression and suicide prevention in dairy farmers offered by CDQAP in 2007, 2009 and 2012.

 For allied industry representatives who have concerns about a colleague’s or client’s risk status, we recommend starting with 2-page checklist titled:  Farm and Ranch Family Stress and Depression – A Checklist & Guide for Making Referrals

Another excellent quick overview on the subject can be found in the Dairy Herd Management (May 09) Recognizing the Signs of Stress & Depression (pdf)

Allied industry representatives desiring a more complete background on the subject may choose to review the slide pages and webinar video recording used by Dr. Fetsch (2012).

Resources on stress, anger, depression and suicide prevention in dairy producers are available below: