Probiotic Reduces Anxiety

The role of the gut microbiota in brain function is a hot topic. Evidence is accruing that there is a causal link between the gut microbiota and stress-related psychiatric disorders. The big question, however, is if it is possible to … Continue reading

A Career in Food Science can be Cheesy—and Rewarding

Before college, Dr. Philip Tong, former Director of the Dairy Products Technology Center and professor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, had never eaten fancier cheese than a simple American Single. Today, after nearly 30 years at Cal Poly, he … Continue reading

California Dairy Industry Leads in Resilient, Sustainable Food Systems

The California dairy industry is leading the way in producing sustainable food. Producing 42.3 billion pounds of milk in 2014 (more than one-fifth of the nationwide total), California dairy producers have become an integral part of sustainable food systems: repurposing … Continue reading