Who We Are

CDRF is a non-profit public research management corporation governed by a Board of Directors. The representatives of the Board of Directors are drawn from key producer and processor organizations. The Board represents multiple perspectives within the dairy industry.

Board of Directors, Officers:

Richard Wagner

Richard “Rich” Wagner, Chairman   California Dairy Farmer

Jared Fernandes

Jared Fernandes, Vice Chairman           California Dairy Farmer

Chuck Ahlem

Chuck Ahlem, Secretary               California Dairy Farmer

Dante Migliazzo

Dante Migliazzo, Treasurer               California Dairy Farmer

Board of Directors:

Gregory Miller, Ph.D., Dairy Management Inc.

Darrin Monteiro, California Dairies, Inc.

John Talbot, California Milk Advisory Board

Josh Zonneveld, California Dairy Farmer

Executive Director:
Denise Mullinax

Denise Mullinax

The organization is tax exempt under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions to CDRF are tax deductible.