North Coast RB1 Water Quality Reference Binder


TAB 1.   Order

             1.1 Fee Schedule 2019-2020

TAB 2.   Notice of Intent

TAB 3.   Water Quality Plan OR Waste Management Plan

               3.0 General Waste Discharge Requirements for Dairies, Order Np. R1-2019-001

3.1 Waiver Water Quality Plan Form

3.2 Outline GWDR Waste Management Plan

3.3 Making A Flood Zone Map

3.4 Contour Maps

3.5 Class Handout

3.6 Estimating Annual Parlor Water Generated

3.7 Estimating Annual Runoff

TAB 4.   Map Information

4.1 RCD Contact Information

4.2 Maps – Checklist of Required Information

4.3 Mapmaking with Online Tools

4.4 Mapmaking with Microsoft Bing

TAB 5.   Nutrient Management Plan & Record-keeping Documents

5.1 Outline Nutrient Management Plan

TAB 6.   Report Form Templates

6.1 MRP Standard Operating & Procedure Template

6.2 Manure Manifest for North Coast Dairies

6.3 RB1 Surface Water Sampling Recordkeeping Template

6.4 Third-party Manure – Process Wastewater Agreement

TAB 7.   Best Management Plan Record-keeping Documents

TAB 8.   Farm Record Data: Surface Water

 TAB 9.  Farm Record Data: Ground Water

 TAB 10. Farm Record Data: Off-site Discharge Monitoring

 TAB 11. Emergency Manure Management Plan

 TAB 12. Farm Record Documents: Manifests, Agreements, Laboratory Data

 TAB 13. Annual Reports

TAB 14. Inspection Reports

 TAB 15. References

15.1 Sampling Surface and Ground Water Sources

15.2 How to Select an Analytical Laboratory for Dairy Compliance

15.3 Interpreting Groundwater Results – Info for Producers in CA North Coast