Central Valley RB5 Water Quality Reference Binder



TAB 1. Regulatory Summary/Updates Timelines
      2019-2020 Fee Schedule

  1. Are You Eligible…(June 29 RB5 Mailing-Attachment A)
  2. Where to Begin? (June 29 RB5 Mailing-Attachment B)
  3. Special Activity Dates to Remember
  4. General Order Sampling and Analysis Requirements
  5. RB5 Frequently Asked Questions February 22, 2008
  6. WDR General Order Table 1, modified
  7. WDR General Order Recordkeeping Requirements
  8. RB5 Frequently Asked Questions October 17, 2007
  9. RB5 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Central Valley Dairy Waste & Nutrient Management Application – June 11, 2008
  10. Backflow Prevention FAQ

TAB 2. Dairy Facility Assessment & Existing Conditions Report

  1. PDFA Report Completion Worksheet
  2. PDFA Report FAQs
  3. Using the Dairy Compliance Software Tool

TAB 3. Maps

  1. Checklist of Required Information
  2. Internet Aerial Photography Access
  3. Mapmaking with Google Earth
  4. Mapmaking with MS Live Search
  5. Mapmaking with ArcGIS Explorer
  6. Example Maps
  7. Map Legend

TAB 4. Retrofit Plan with Schedule

TAB 5. “How-To” Instruction Documents

  1. Sampling Supply Wells and Subsurface (Tile) Drainage Systems 
  2. Solid Manure Sampling Protocol
  3. Liquid Manure Sampling Protocol
  4. Soil Sampling Protocol
  5. Forage Crops-Corn & Winter Forage Sampling Protocol (protocol currently unavailable-pending updates to reflect WDR-MRP Revisions)    
  6. Irrigation Water Sampling Protocol 
  7. Pasture Sampling Protocol
  8. Solid Manure Moisture Content Determination – Method for Exported Solid Manures
  9. Alfalfa Sampling Protocol (protocol currently unavailable – pending updates to reflect WDR-MRP Revisions)

TAB 6. Report Form Templates (Word)

  1. Production Area Visual Inspection Form (click here for PDF)
  2. Land Application Area Visual Inspections Form (click here for PDF)
  3. Manure/Process Wastewater Tracking Manifest-Attach D (click here for PDF)
  4. Third Party Process Wastewater Agreement
  5. Sampling and Analysis Plan (click here for PDF)
  6. Proposed Interim Modifications and Documentation (click here for PDF)
  7. Backflow Prevention (click here for PDF)
  8. Setbacks, Buffers & Alternate Practices to Protect Surface Water (click here for PDF)
  9. Statements of Completion Form (click    here for PDF)
  10. Sample and Analysis Plan for Existing Milk Cow Dairies (click here for PDF)
  11. Operation and Maintenance Plan Template
  12. Manure (Solid or Slurry) Application Record (click here for PDF)
  13. Process Wastewater (Liquid Manure) Application Record (click here for PDF)
  14. Fresh Water Irrigation Water Application Record (click here for PDF)
  15. Plant Tissue Harvest Record (click here for PDF)
  16. Priority Reporting of Significant Events (click here for PDF)
  17. Guidelines for completing a field risk assessment: III (click here for PDF)
  18. Preliminary infrastructure needs checklist (click here for PDF)
  19. Operation & Maintenance Plan Documentation Form (click here for PDF)
  20. Milk Barn Operation & Maintenance Checklist (click here for PDF)
  21. Certification of Salt Reduction in Dairy Waste (click here for PDF)
  22. Production Area Design & Construction Report (click here for PDF)
  23. Waste Management Plan: Modification Progress Status Report (click here for PDF)
  24. Nutrient Management Plan Certification of Completion Form (click here for PDF)
  25. Waste Management Plan Certification of Completion Form (click here for PDF)
  26. Time Table for Sample Requirement Compliance
  27. Ammonium Field Test Results for Supply Wells & Tile Drains
  28. Certification of Nutrient Management Implementation (click here for PDF)

TAB 7. Reference Guides

  1. Do Your Homework Before Hiring a Consultant (Hoard’s Dairyman, 2006)
  2. Completing a Chain of Custody
  3. Interim Modifications to Improve Storage Capacity
  4. Interim Modifications to Improve Nitrogen Balance
  5. Learning how to read California Preliminary Dairy Facility Assessment nutrient outputs (Hoard’s Dairyman, November 2007)
  6. Understanding dairy liquid waste storage calculations (Hoard’s Dairyman, December 2007)
  7. Sample Calendar of Monthly Monitoring Activities (Click here for PDF)
  8. Optimizing Capacity of Existing Process Wastewater (Liquid Manure) Holding Ponds: Understanding Non Pond-Input Reduction Options
  9. How To Find A Specialist Certified In Developing Nutrient Management Plans
  10. How To Select An Analytical Laboratory For Dairy Compliance Samples
  11. Pesticide Choice: Best Management Practice (BMP) for Protecting Surface Water Quality in Agriculture
  12. Use of Feed Inventory Records to Reduce Nutrient Loading at Dairy Operations: Producer Options
  13. Flow Meters Tested on Dairy Lagoon Water
  14. Water Turbulence Disrupts Accuracy of Some Flow Meters

TAB 8. Discharge Monitoring

  1. Significant Non-Compliance Event Agency Contact Information
  2. Monitoring Surface Runoff of Manure or Process Wastewater from the Production Area or Land Application Areas
  3. Monitoring Offsite Discharges of Storm or Tail Waters from the Production Area or Land Application Areas

TAB 9. Groundwater Monitoring

TAB 10. Salinity Report & Information

  1. Industry Wide Salt Study for Existing Milk Cow Dairies
    (report not yet available- currently pending RB5 approval)

TAB 11. Nutrient Management Plan Sampling & Documentation

  1. List of Required Documents for the NMP
  2. Setbacks, Buffers & Alternative Measures to Protect Surface Waters-Requirements
  3. Sampling and Analysis Plan Example
  4. Tailwater Return System
  5. Determining Whether Nutrients are Leaching from Your Fields
  6. Determining Crop Evapotranspiration
  7. Nitrogen Transformations in Soil
  8. Checklist for Using Liquid Manure for Crop Production
  9. Targeted Liquid Manure Application Irrigator Field Record Sheet
  10. Calculating Nutrient Application from Liquid Manure Irrigations
  11. Evaluating Manure Management Systems and Infrastructure
  12. Nutrient Budget Requirements
  13. Nutrient Management Plan – Nutrient Budget Information Gathering Checklist

TAB 12. Waste Management Plan Sampling & Documentation

  1. List of Required Documents for the WMP
  2. Finding & Publishing Your FEMA Flood Zone Map
  3. Flood Protection Report
  4. Documentation of Calculation for Land Application of Irrigation Water, Process Wastewater, and Solid Manure

TAB 13. Mid-term (Dec) and Annual (July) Reports

  1. WDR General Order Annual Reporting Requirements
  2. Tips for Completing the 2008 WDR Annual Report Due July 1, 2009
  3. WDR General Order Annual Dairy Report Information Gathering Checklist & Itemized Report Information Use List
  4. 2008 Annual Report Form – Due July 1, 2009

TAB 14. Other Useful Information & Resources

  1. List of Regional Board Contacts (General Order Attachment C)
  2. CDQAP Partner Organizations Providing Assistance Contact List
  3. USDA-NRCS Contact Information
  4. Useful Reference Websites
  5. Farm & Ranch Family Stress & Depression – A Checklist for Making Referrals
  6. Resources for California Farmers Experiencing Stress
  7. Emergency Contact Information 
  8. Emergency Manure Management Plan Template