Animal Care & the CDQAP

CDQAP has been engaged in dairy animal care outreach since 2004 when we co-produced the Dairy Welfare Evaluation Guide with the University of California. This official UC publication served as a reference point for producers and allied industry interested in science-based dairy welfare background information, and an associated evaluation tool.

Most recently, the California dairy industry has been heavily involved in a national effort to build confidence for consumers and corporate buyers of dairy products. While dairy producers have a longstanding commitment to animal well-being, no uniform system has existed nationally by which animal care practices could be documented for consumers and retailers. In order to fill that need, the nation’s dairy industry has launched the Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) program. Supporting this nationwide initiative, the CDQAP provides educational toolspractical support in the form of free workshops, protocol templates, and employee training materials – for producers participating in the dairy FARM.

California dairy producers interested in learning more about the national dairy FARM program can scan a short Q & A document. In addition, producers can check out all of the reference binder materials used in the CDQAP dairy FARM workshops (see binder below).

Resource Binders

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For more information about workshop offerings and support tools, contact CDQAP.

CDQAP Ruminations

The CDQAP Ruminations series offers one-stop-shopping reference materials on key animal care issues with a specific focus to methods that are a “win-win” for both improved animal care the dairy producer’s bottom line.  Each Ruminations article provides scientific statistics, economic assessments and links for resources for more in-depth information on the subject matter addressed.

CDQAP Ruminations: Food Defense for Dairy Processors: Efficient, low-cost compliance with new FDA rules

CDQAP Ruminations: Dealing with Trespass and Drones on California Dairies

CDQAP Ruminations: Preventing Rural Crime on your Dairy

CDQAP Ruminations: Antibiotic Resistance – New Laws & Opportunities

CDQAP Ruminations: How stockmanship training for employees can improve your bottom line

CDQAP Ruminations: Coping with Flooding and Evacuation

CDQAP Ruminations: Efficient Compliance with New Medicated Feed Rules

CDQAP Ruminations: Cost Effective Mastitis Treatment & Prevention

CDQAP Ruminations: Economics and the Non-Ambulatory Cow

CDQAP Ruminations: Dehorning and Economics

CDQAP Ruminations: Fly Control & Your Bottom Line

CDQAP Ruminations: Dairy Biosecurity & Your Bottom Line

CDQAP Ruminations: Profitably Marketing Dairy Bull Calves

CDQAP Ruminations: Lameness & Your Bottom Line

CDQAP Ruminations: Mud Management on Dairies

CDQAP Ruminations: Heat Stress in Dairy Cattle

CDQAP Ruminations: Prevention of Drug Residues in Meat & Milk


Additional Animal Care Resource Documents

With increased interest in the health and quality of “dairy beef” (dairy cattle used for meat), the CDQAP partnered with UC veterinarians and animal scientists to produce Dairy Beef: Maximizing Quality and Profits. This award-winning online education publication for dairy producers covers a wide variety of topics related to livestock care and beef quality including minimizing bruising, feeding out market cattle and appropriate use of livestock medications.

Following the introduction of a BSE-positive Canadian cow in 2003 and revelations of inappropriate practices at auction markets and slaughter facilities in 2008, the state’s dairy industry sought to ensure all producers had the very best training related to the care and movement of sick and injured cattle. CDQAP and other UC partners worked to produce a euthanasia training workshop.  The hands-on training used slide sets, videos, anatomical models, equipment displays and wet-lab training in the safe and effective use of euthanasia devices. For more information about training offerings contact the CDQAP.

Additional Animal Care Websites

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