Animal Care – FARM Resource Binder

Table of Contents

TAB 1 National F.A.R.M. Program Documents
1.1 F.A.R.M. Producer Reference Guide, DMI-NMPF
1.2 Preparing for Your FARM Evaluation, a Pre-evaluation Checklist, CDQAP
1.3 On-farm Evaluation Checklist, DMI-NMPF (accessible through your processor field representative)

TAB 2 Laws & Regulations Related to Welfare
2.1 State and National Animal Welfare Law for Dairy Producers (Quick Summary), CDQAP

TAB 3 Veterinary Involvement- VCPR
3.1 VCPR Description
3.2 VCPR validation form, Center for Dairy Excellence (Animal Care Manual, Appendix I),
Center for Dairy Excellence

3.3 Extra-label Drug Use Decision Flow-Chart for Food Animals (Animal Care Manual,
Appendix H), Center for Dairy Excellence

3.4 Recommended Vaccination Schedules for California Dairy Animals, CDQAP
3.5 Recommended Vaccination Schedules for a Comprehensive Dairy Herd Health Program
– Oklahoma State Cooperative Extension

TAB 4 Employee Training Documentation
4.1 Employee Training Record Template, CDQAP

TAB 5 Feed and Water Issues
5.1 Prevent Mad Cow Disease-Safe Animal Feed Education (SAFE) Program
5.2 Drinking Water Guidelines for Dairy Animals, UC Cooperative Extension

TAB 6 Emergency Planning
6.1 Emergency response plan template, CDQAP

TAB 7 Calf Care
7.1 Calving/Newborn Calf Care Protocol template, CDQAP
7.2 Disbudding/Dehorning Protocol template, CDQAP

TAB 8 Animal Handling & Movement
8.1 Animal Handling Resources for Training Dairy Employees, CDQAP
8.2 Safe Handling of Large Animals (Animal Care Manual, Appendix F), Temple Grandin
8.3 Animal Handling Policy for Dairy Employees Template (English and Spanish), Western United Dairymen

TAB 9 Nonambulatory Cow Treatment /Suitability For Transport Evaluation
9.1 Top 10 Considerations for Culling and Transporting Dairy Animals to a Packing or
Processing Facility (Animal Care Manual, Appendix G), NMPF, DMI & AABP
Updated 4-16-2010

9.2 Cull Cow Transport Checklist, UC Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine
9.3 Care for the Downer Cow, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
9.4 Downer Cow Action Plan Template, CDQAP
9.5 Information on cow sleds, cow slings & hip lifts, and float tanks (contact CDQAP representatives for additional information)

TAB 10 Euthanasia
10.1 Practical Euthanasia of Cattle (Animal Care Manual, Appendix B), AABP
10.2 Humane Euthanasia Procedures Diagram, University of Florida
10.3 On-farm Animal Welfare Humane Euthanasia and Market Cow Transport Pocket Guide, UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine
10.4 Euthanasia Action Plan Template, CDQAP
10.5 Information on Captive Bolt Stunners

TAB 11 Lameness Scoring
11.1 Zinpro Locomotion Scoring of Dairy Cattle (Animal Care Manual, Appendix D), Zinpro
11.2 Claw Lesion Identification in Dairy Cattle, Zinpro
11.3 American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP) Fact Sheets (Digital Dermatitis,
White Line DiseaseVertical Wall CrackSole UlcerPain Relief, Interdigital Hyperplasia, and Footrot)

TAB 12 Hock Scoring
12.1 Hock Assessment Chart (Animal Care Manual, Appendix E), Cornell University
Cooperative Extension

TAB 13 Body Condition Scoring (BCS)
13.1 Body Condition Scoring in Dairy Cattle (Animal Care Manual Appendix A), Elanco
Animal Health

13.2 Body Condition Scoring With Dairy Cattle, University of Arkansas

TAB 14 Cleanliness Scoring
14.1 NDFP Hygiene Scorecard (Animal Care Manual, Appendix C), NDFP

TAB 15 Misc. Records & Information