Farm Security & Food Safety

Biosecurity and the safety of our food supply are important to the continued survival of the dairy industry. By leveraging more than $332,000 in government and philanthropic foundation grants, the CDQAP has developed a Food Safety/Emergency Preparedness Module. The Module includes videos on BSE Prevention, Biosecurity and Emergency Response. A collaboration between the CDFA, USDA and UC Davis, the program producer evaluations of the curriculum were so strong that they were published in the Journal of Dairy Science.

Another issue intimately involved with disease control and animal health is proper mortality disposal. WIFSS collaboration and funding from CDFA totaling $148,000 has greatly advanced work in mortality disposal alternatives. The Emergency Animal Disposal Workgroup (EADW) work-products include a database of landfills taking livestock, collaboration with rendering plants and composting research. Initial research has demonstrated up to a one million-fold reduction in pathogens like Salmonella and E. coli in cow carcasses composted with separated manure solids. We are leveraging this CDFA funding with other industry grants to examine air emission from composted carcasses, information which will be critical in allowing producers to obtain air permits for mortality composting.

Protect your bottom line – and our nation’s food security

Dairy operators face a wide variety of security threats, from theft and criminal trespassing, accidental introduction of diseases, and even sabotage by domestic terrorist groups or disgruntled employees. Theft alone costs California farmers up to $1 billion each year, including stolen milk (to make illegal unpasteurized “bathtub” cheese), calves, farm equipment, tools, fuel, and even pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

CDQAP can help
Changes in the way you manage your dairy can make a real difference in your risk exposure to damage, disease and criminal losses. CDQAP has developed a special course – including powerful videos and visual tools – that help you understand the threats to your operation, and what you can do about those threats. Many of the steps that will protect your dairy from common criminals can also stave off potentially far more serious threats from terrorists.

Current, accurate information in one stop
CDQAP works with state and federal authorities and academic institutions to compile the very latest information on food and farm security-related matters. We also work with producer associations to develop practical tools and tips for addressing the threats. We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Developing new tools for the dairy industry
CDQAP continues to work with the industry and government agencies to develop additional dairy security services and products. These include an enhanced emergency notification system and Spanish language training materials.

Learn more about this Module
CDQAP’s Farm Security Module course is now offered through producer and processor organizations. Contact your producer association or milk processor to learn more about attending a free CDQAP farm security course.

Tools and Resources

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