California Dairy Environmental Management and Sustainability

CDRF hosted emerging research poster session at the California Dairy Sustainability Summit

The second California Dairy Sustainability Summit took place online this past November 5-6. 600+ tuned in live throughout the two-day event. Attendees included government officials, dairy farmers and industry representatives, students and university faculty, dairy processors and customers, and others stakeholders at the local, state, national, and international level. You can watch the session recordings here.

Highlights include an excellent panel discussion among leaders at Dairy Farmers of America, Land O’ Lakes, Inc., California Dairies, Inc., and the U.S. Dairy Export Council. There are also a number of sessions featuring dairy producers, as they discuss their experiences with robotic milking systems, engaging in local SGMA discussions, implementing new tillage and irrigation practices, and participating in local nitrate management zones.

Research Poster Videos: The California Research Foundation hosted a “virtual poster session,” or a series of 2-3-minute videos highlighting results of select California dairy research projects in sustainability, providing the latest science you can use in making business decisions on your facility. The videos and poster PDFs can be are below.

POSTER PRESENTATION: Red seaweed reduces enteric methane up to 80% in beef steers (View PDF)

POSTER PRESENTATION: Effect of solid-liquid separation on the mitigation of methane emissions (View PDF)

POSTER PRESENTATION: Manure nutrient recycling in silage corn and wheat (View PDF)

POSTER PRESENTATION: Experience with hay influences development of oral behaviors pre-weaned dairy calves (View PDF)


POSTER PRESENTATION: Growing and feeding sugarbeets on California dairies (View PDF 1, 2)

POSTER PRESENTATION: The future of San Joaquin Valley under climate change and SGMA (View PDF)

POSTER PRESENTATION: Manure management practices on California dairies

POSTER PRESENTATION: What percent manure is collected?

POSTER PRESENTATION: What percent manure is collected?

POSTER PRESENTATION: Environmental impact of the California dairy industry over 50 years (View PDF)

POSTER PRESENTATION: Herd size economics

POSTER PRESENTATION: Short alfalfa costs and returns

POSTER PRESENTATION: Effects of weather and animal characteristics on respiration rate in dairy cattle (View PDF)

CDRF has funded California-based initiatives in the sustainability area since 1988. CDRF is a key contributor to the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) and the Dairy Cares program. These programs direct their efforts towards improving the environmental stewardship and animal care practices of California dairy farmers through education, communication, and accreditation programs.

CDRF programs take a proactive approach to support the California dairy industry. It invests in projects to ensure the California dairy industry achieves an economically viable, socially beneficial, world-class position in environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare.

From farm to fork, the California dairy industry is recognized as a vital source of essential nutrients and needs to be recognized by consumers as proactively managing its relationship with the environment.