Environmental Management

CDRF has funded California-based initiatives in the sustainability area since 1988.  They are key contributors to the California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP) and the Dairy CARES program. These programs direct their efforts towards improving the environmental stewardship and animal care practices of California dairy farmers through education, communication, and accreditation programs. This support has assisted the dairy industry to tackle some consumer-sensitive issues in an effective way and in doing so, enables the industry to promote its commitment to sustainability issues to businesses and communities at large.

CDRF programs take a proactive approach to support the California dairy industry. It invests in projects to ensure the California dairy industry achieves an economically viable, socially beneficial, world-class position in environmental sustainability, animal health and welfare.

Watch a video about the dairy community’s commitment to protecting water quality:

From farm to fork, the California dairy industry is recognized as a vital source of essential nutrients and needs to be recognized by consumers as proactively managing its relationship with the environment.  The California dairy industry’s success depends on maintaining a positive image of dairy products throughout the value chain.  The industry faces a growing need to address consumer perception issues that are linked to milk production impacts on communities.

While these issues are generally related in the consumer’s mind as being linked to dairies, they cross a variety of areas from air and water quality to control of nuisances, animal welfare and worker safety.