Industry Capability Building

CDRF provides supportive funding to the Dairy Innovation Institute at California Polytechnic State University for their outreach program.

The Dairy Innovation Institute is a home of faculty, research associates, technicians, educational program manager and administrative support staff who are passionate about dairy science and technology. Its in-house expertise includes but not limited to: dairy ingredients manufacturing/application, dairy foods formulation design/manufacturing, ingredient functionality evaluation, composition analysis, texture and structure characterization, sensory evaluation and food safety. Its scientists and technologists apply diverse expertise in activities which support a sustainable growth of the dairy industry. The Institute is supported by an Industry Associates Advisory Council to provide research and industry outreach direction. Contact: Dr. Haotian Zheng

Dairy Ingredients Symposium Logo

Specialized technical programs (like the annual Dairy Ingredients Symposium) provide a blend of new technology and marketing information to ensure our industry remains at the forefront of innovation in dairy ingredients processing. The attendees gain valuable information that they can immediately apply to better do their specific job assignments.  The producers benefit by knowing that a better educated workforce leads to improved quality and value during handling and processing their milk. For more information on the Dairy Innovation Institute’s programs please visit their website:

Dairy Ingredients Symposium