Product Innovation

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Ice cream cones

Milk Protein Concentrates as Emulsifiers in Clean-Label Ice Cream

Global “clean label” estimated food sale at $180 billion in 2020, and more than 80% of consumers preferring simple and easy-to-recognize ingredient lists (Shelke 2020).  Dairy ingredients are well positioned to meet the demand for ‘clean label’ and high protein’ foods through MPCs (MPC is a natural emulsifier that could potentially increase protein content, convey a premium image, and improve texture).

Dairy-based emulsion and feeding bottle

Innovative Dairy-Based Emulsion Systems for Controlled Nutrient Delivery

Oil-in-water (o/w) Pickering emulsions made with whey protein aggregates offer great potential as a delivery vehicle for lipophilic nutrients such as carotenoids or drug molecules. In this study, researchers will invent whey protein-based Pickering emulsifier ingredients. These ingredients may exhibit functionalities in terms of improving emulsion physical stability and improving bioavailability of poorly soluble nutrients.