Association of Dairy Intake with Protection against GI Inflammation (2019)

RESEARCHER: Danielle Lemay, USDA WHNRC and UC Davis

TIMELINE: January 2019 to December 2021

BACKGROUND: “A2” milk studies have created the false impression that traditional dairy which contains both A1 and A2 milk proteins is bad for gut health. This project leverages a large investment from the USDA’s recent Nutritional Phenotyping Study (cross-sectional study of nearly 400 Californians) by utilizing banked samples that were collected at no cost to CDRF.

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether dairy intake is associated with protection against gastrointestinal inflammation in order to counter media misinformation suggesting that milk is detrimental to gut health.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: The study will provide evidence on the relationship between dairy intake and gut health in California consumers, with the goal of maintaining consumer confidence in the health and safety of traditional dairy products. Preliminary data from the USDA Lemay lab suggests that dairy intake is not associated with gastrointestinal inflammation. Further investigation on the potential protective effects is ongoing.