California Dairy Quality Assurance

People at a dairy

PROJECT LEADS: Michael Payne and Deanne Meyer, UC Davis; Denise Mullinax, CDQAP/CDRF
TIMELINE: Annual, January to December 2024

Background: Now in its 25th year, CDQAP has long established itself as a leader – working with the California dairy industry, subject-matter experts, and regulatory partners to deliver up-to-date, scientifically based information and tools that support producer efforts in addressing environmental stewardship, dairy food safety, animal care, and farm security. The resulting on-farm practice improvements enhance dairy industry sustainability efforts and support consumer confidence.

Industry Benefit: CDQAP provides California producers and allied industry with free, universal access to the most current science-based management practices and compliance assistance information relative to the environment, food safety, farm security and humane animal care. When environmentally certified through the CDQAP program California dairy facilities have less risk for enforcement actions, benefit from reduced on-farm regulatory inspection frequency, and receive a significant reduction in their annual permit fees. CDQAP informs dairy producers about new medication regulations protecting antibiotic effectiveness for both humans as well as their own livestock. 

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