California Dairy Quality Assurance

People at a dairy

PROJECT LEADS: Michael Payne and Deanne Meyer, UC Davis; Denise Mullinax, CDQAP/CDRF

TIMELINE: Annual, January to December

BACKGROUND: For more than 20 years CDQAP has provided educational and informational support for industry- directed, university-assisted outreach. These programs aim to benefit producers and industry in the areas of environmental stewardship, animal health and care, and food safety and security.

OBJECTIVE: To create and manage producer-friendly, concise outreach related to new CDFA policies regarding livestock medications and business continuity. Deliver timely, science-based information and alerts for animal care emergencies with clear, feasible guidance, created in concert with agencies in charge of managing emergency response. Leverage federal and local law enforcement resources, allowing producers to better protect themselves and employees. Offer Environmental Certifications and educational classes.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Free, universal access to the most current science-based management practices and compliance assistance; environmental classes and certification, all specific to California industry needs. Positive public messaging. Continued cost savings for California dairy farmers: Based on average savings for individual producers, it is predicted that certified dairy facilities collectively will save nearly $2 million annually.

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