Characterization of Dairy Manure

RESEARCHERS: Nick Clark, UCCE and Deanne Meyer, UC Davis

TIMELINE:  January 2020 to December 2021

BACKGROUND: In 2019, CDRF contracted FoodMinds (a food and nutrition company that teamed up with consultants from Newtrient, Cogent, and Kynetec) to conduct a California Manure Market Analysis. The project goal identified strategic approaches to building a distribution and value chain for dairy cattle manure. Key in the findings of the Market Analysis was the need to better understand the chemical and physical composition of manure. Such information is essential to better inform selection of future manure treatment technologies capable of treating liquid manure streams.

OBJECTIVE: To identify chemical and physical characteristics of dairy manure streams from commercial dairies located in the Central Valley. Data representing traditional manure streams and new systems will be collected
and analyzed.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Current knowledge of in-depth manure characteristics is limited and incomplete. This project will provide critical information for those interested in adopting advanced manure treatment technologies as well those interested in modifying their animal management practices improving manure composition.