Dairy Cares

Dairy farm

PROJECT LEADS: Michael Boccadoro and Jennifer Bingham

TIMELINE: Annual, January to December 2023

BACKGROUND: Since 2001, Dairy Cares has worked to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strategic communication efforts. Research has identified growing interest in dairy-related sustainability issues in influential subgroups, such as early adopters and opinion leaders. Early adopters actively seek out information from the internet and other sources, making choices that later influence policies as well as broader consumer groups, media, and others. The California dairy industry must continually communicate with early adopters and other stakeholders about sustainability issues.

OBJECTIVE: To increase awareness and understanding of California dairy farmers’ leadership in developing planet-smart, sustainable farming practices. Continue to coordinate with academic researchers in communicating the latest scientific information related to methane, cows, and climate change. Continue to support CDQAP’s communications.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Dairy Cares’ communication and outreach efforts will continue to have a positive impact in promoting beneficial partnerships between dairy farmers, state agencies, researchers, and other key stakeholders throughout the state. The industry will continue to benefit from the development of metrics and outreach materials (videos, publications, presentations, etc.) that show how California’s dairy farmers are leading the world in sustainable dairy farm practices.

More information about Dairy Cares can be found at dairycares.com.