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Dairy Cares

PROJECT LEADS: Michael Boccadoro and Jennifer Bingham
TIMELINE: January to December 2024

Background: Since 2001, Dairy Cares has worked to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strategic communication efforts. Dairy Cares’ communications have increased awareness and understanding of California dairy farmers’ leadership in developing and implementing planet-smart, sustainable farming practices. Dairy Cares is helping the industry address methane emission challenges, fast approaching water regulations, and rising labor and energy costs, all while optimizing cow health and comfort. Dairy Cares continues to partner with leading academic and researchers to strengthen the credibility and expand reach. In 2024, they will continue to coordinate with academic researchers in communicating the latest scientific information related to methane, cows, and climate change. Dairy Cares is the managing cohost of the 2024 California Dairy Sustainability Summit to be held March 26 at UC Davis.

Industry Benefit: Dairy Cares provides a unique service to California dairy families by communicating key messages regarding sustainability to local, targeted audiences. This service is different from national and international dairy outreach efforts because Dairy Cares serves the specific communications needs of California dairy farm families, while helping them navigate their local sustainability challenges. The coalition itself has successfully saved dairy farmers hundreds of millions of dollars, especially via regulatory environmental compliance. The coalition helped form the Central Valley Dairy Representative Monitoring Program (CVDRMP), which is estimated to save dairy farmers more than $6 million annually in direct compliance costs. 

More information about Dairy Cares can be found at dairycares.com.