Dairy Cares

Dairy farm

PROJECT LEADS: Michael Boccadoro and Jennifer Bingham

TIMELINE: Annual, January to December

BACKGROUND: Since 2001, Dairy Cares has worked to ensure the long-term sustainability of California’s farming families through strategic communication efforts.

OBJECTIVE: To increase awareness and understanding of how California dairy farmers continue to improve environmental performance and are world leaders in the development of sustainable farming practices. To craft impactful key messages, communicating in-person with target audiences, using online and print media to regularly engage audiences with key messages, and providing continued support to California Dairy Quality Assurance Program (CDQAP).

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Dairy Cares’ communication efforts will continue to have a positive impact in promoting beneficial partnerships between dairy farmers, state agencies, researchers, and other key stakeholders throughout the state. Development of positive quantitative metrics and quality communications materials, to demonstrate how California’s dairy farmers are leading the world in sustainable dairy farm practices. Dairy producers will receive timely, professional CDQAP communications. Dairy Cares is co-hosting the 2022 California Dairy Sustainability Summit, held virtually April 12-14. More information about Dairy Cares can be found at dairycares.com.