Innovative Dairy-Based Emulsion Systems for Controlled Nutrient Delivery

Dairy-based emulsion and feeding bottle

PROJECT LEAD:  Vincent Yeung, Cal Poly SLO

TIMELINE:  January 2021 – December 2022 (2 Years)

BACKGROUND: Oil-in-water (o/w) Pickering emulsions made with whey protein aggregates offer great potential as a delivery vehicle for lipophilic nutrients such as carotenoids or drug molecules. In this study, researchers will invent whey protein-based Pickering emulsifier ingredients. These ingredients may exhibit functionalities in terms of improving emulsion physical stability and improving bioavailability of poorly soluble nutrients.

OBJECTIVE: To manufacture three structurally different whey protein aggregates and characterize their emulsion properties and to measure the digestion kinetics of the emulsions and the bioavailability of the lipid digestion products.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Produce innovative technology which increases the net value of milk solids, promote human health using dairy components, and improve sustainability of dairy business. Generate demands for whey proteins as a premium ingredient for nutraceuticals. The results of this research may be directly utilized by the food industry for manufacturing new whey protein-based ingredients or for formulating biofunctional consumer food products. Possibility of increasing overall sales and consumption volume of whey protein.

All materials for manufacturing the emulsions will be sourced from dairy ingredient suppliers in California.