Production of Pathogen-Free Products from Dairy Manure Solids

RESEARCHER: Ruihong Zhang, UC Davis

TIMELINE: January 2022 – December 2023

BACKGROUND: Dairy manure is rich in nutrients and organic matter and is a valuable bioresource. Recent research has demonstrated that to mitigate emissions and overcome manure handling challenges, manure can be processed into safe and easily transported pelletized or granulated products. Production of manure products that are pathogen-free products and easy-to transport and apply, is crucial for increasing the marketability and application of manure products.

OBJECTIVE: To characterize different manure solid streams on selected dairy farms. Create and characterize pelletized or granulated products from manure solids. Investigate the application of infrared heating technology for destroying the pathogens in manure products. Conduct an economic analysis of the pelletized and/or granulized products and develop recommendations for creating biofertilizer products from different types of manure solids. Disseminate project results to interested parties.

INDUSTRY BENEFIT: Ability to transform dairy manure into high value biofertilizer products for wide distribution and application off farm. Increase economic impact and reduce environmental footprint of California dairy manure.