What We Do

Dairy Cows

The California Dairy Research Foundation (CDRF) is a nonprofit corporation created in 1988 by California’s dairy industry to lead and deliver the most relevant science-based research and educational programs to support an innovative and sustainable California dairy industry.

CDRF acts as a bridge between science and industry working alongside other industry organizations to promote the benefits of milk and dairy products in an attempt to secure and grow consumption rates of California milk and dairy products on both a national and global basis.

CDRF is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of members representing key involvement and investment in the industry. Funding is largely provided by dairy producer checkoff dollars and other sources as benefits the advancement of education and information relevant to the health of the industry. The organization works closely with CMAB, Dairy Cares, Dairy Council of California, CDFA, USDA, NDC and others in support of dairy industry objectives.


Generating Value for the Dairy Industry

CDRF generates value through increased milk utilization across diverse product lines. This promotes competitiveness and innovation within the industry while also improving the ability to respond to consumers/customers.